Réflexion autour d’une promenade citoyenne

Reflections on a Citizen’s Walk

Citizen's march with Mindy Pollak on Bloomfield and Laurier StreetLast Wednesday, leaving my office, I joined my neighbor Mindy Pollak, Borough Councilor from the highly multicultural District Claude-Ryan of Outremont, and Philip Tomlinson, political staffer at Projet Montréal who was defeated last year in the one next door. I was responding to their invitation for a citizen’s walk in the neighborhood and I came out with the impression that things are moving in the right direction, in Outremont. At least, it is still possible to get involved in politics around here in a constructive, unifying and positive way.

For nearly two hours at dusk our small group walked through the streets and alleys of the neighborhood, stopping here and there to talk spontaneously of the past, the present and the future. In the meantime we looked at several municipal projects, both large and small — from the Fleurir De l’Épée project to the Laurier Street redevelopment project.

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Promenade citoyenne à Outremont

Along the way, I realized once again that Mindy Pollak maintains warm and friendly relationships with citizens of various ethnicity and religion, contrary to what some may suggest in ostracizing (as if this was a fatal weakness!) her membership in the Hassidic Jewish community. Instead, the young councilor focuses on many issues besides those directly concerning this community which is (dont you know that? 🙂 ) very active in the neighborhood. Her French is excellent. She shows a strong desire to serve the common good and to maintain harmonious relationship with all people of good will. I would be personally delighted that all actors in local politics decide to show the same pragmatism, openness and simplicity.

On a wider scale I believe that reconciliation between citizens and municipal politics is not just about open data, as desirable as it is, and administrative debate webcasts of the Borough Council. It must still and always rely on educational and friendly direct interactions between the people and their representatives. This is important for the prosperity of parties and political groups, of course — let’s not be naive: the partisan aspect was not entirely absent from this walk. But it is also important to restore citizen’s enthousiasm for actively supporting the life of *their* city.

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