Robyn Tippins’ MyBlogLog Story

Robyn Tippins is as cool and sexy as granted by her MyBlogLog profile. Just before speaking at webcom 2007 last month about community building she kindly shared with us her MyBlogLog story.

First intended to become a first-class bloggers tool, this online community builder service grew up in two years into a large community per se. This success, of course, brought in trolls, spammers, naked avatars, porn marketers — and the need for human review and compterized content filters.

While shifting to a social media strategy Yahoo! acquired the start-up almost a year ago and fueled it with appropriate computing power, bandwidth, staff and resources. According to Robyn, it’s a perfect love story.

This interview produced with my partner Laurent Maisonnave was published on Dec. 29, 2007, on Intruders TV Canada, a vlog that has been abruptly shut off by Thierry Béziers in March, 2009.

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