Christian au volant (2017)


Biographical Notes

Christian Aubry started his carreer in communication soon after he was born. He was a professional journalist for Paris city magazines in the late 80s, then fully trained in videojournalism. However, he moved to Montreal to pursue a career in the tour and travel business where he started hacking computerized information management systems.

In 1997, the rise of the Worl Wide Web pulled him back to journalism in the new digital age. His summary of this period is published here.

In 2002, he was hired as a communicator and webmaster by RISQ (Québec universities’ Internet backbone).

In 2006, he decided to « tear out the webpage » and started exploring various ways of sharing professional information on the web with a video camera – then two cameras, and in real tine, in high definition and, finally, with subtitles. Six years later, he had pioneered all the area of professional video over social media.

In 2012, Christian joined Savoir-faire Linux, the leader of free and open source software services in Canada. This was the next step in the same adventure. His bet was that a company dedicated to a new economy of sustainable development should be freely, openly and extensively communicating.

This adventure ended in 2012, the year he integrated Centrale des syndicats démocratiques (CSD), the 4th labor union in the province of Quebec. During a year he carried ou delicate missions of digital communication and managed a complex mobile application development project.

In 2012, after the nomination of a new President, he sets off in search of his next adventure. « I cannot change the world », he admits, « but I know how to explain it. » 🙂

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